Brooks Install


We recently joined our partner, Brooks Associates, to install a new machine that will mill to completion large parts for a military aircraft upgrade.

As with most projects of this type, a fast install is desired, with the machine installed and options tested, ready to cut parts in the shortest time possible.

Soon after arrival, the shipping materials were removed and the 40,000 lb. H16 High Speed Double Column machining center was moved into place. These large work envelope machines arrive in a state of assembly that leads to an efficient install.

Our team went to work leveling the machine and assembling components while the power and air were being connected.

H16 High Speed Double Column machining centerSoon after placement, the 62.9″ x 51″ travel machine was fully assembled, geometry checks completed and it stood ready for options installation.

Due to the customer’s part size, we installed the laser tool probe out of the normal work area, mounted to the side of the table. This is made possible by the dual column configuration of the Takumi H series machine.

Joe Sarli of Brooks AssociatesApplications support and training after the install was provided by Adam Yuschak of Brooks Associates, and quickly allowed the customer to use the coordinate rotation option of the FANUC 31i-MB control, a standard feature on Takumi USA machines, to locate the part and calculate the skew.

Support after the sale is one of the many advantages of our partnerships with our distributors. They benefit by our on-site assistance and training, and our customers benefit from the teamwork and resulting skill and willingness to go the extra mile.

We don’t just install machines; we support the customer in every aspect of the project they purchased it for, through partnerships and teamwork. Call or visit their website and find out how Takumi USA and Brooks Associates can work for you on your next project.

Brooks Associates

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