U800 5-Axis Machining Center

Five-Axis Machine Achieves World-Class Performance for Tighter Tolerances

Takumi USA introduces the U800 to its five-axis product line-up. The U series was developed to achieve world-class performance for the die and mold, aerospace and other high speed applications that require tighter tolerances.

The U800 is a high speed gantry machining center over the high torque table that includes an 80 rpm twin torque motor on the A-axis and a 100 rpn single torque motor on the C-axis.

The U800 is designed with a one-piece casting to absorb the thrust forces of high rapids and fast cutting feeds. The trunnion table with integral torque motors (instead of gear drives) provides quicker response, higher torque, better positioning accuracy, and lower maintenance requirements. The roller type linear ways support faster feed rates, higher rigidity and smoother linear motion. A high performance 20,000 rpm motorized spindle is standard on the U800 to satisfy a multitude of machining requirements.

The U800 is equipped with the latest Heidenhain TNC 640 control that features optimized motion control, short block processing times and special control strategies.